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24 Deaths After Casino Collapse Under Construction

24 Deaths After Casino Collapse Under Construction

The gambling world is a fast-growing industry in Cambodia. Until recently, Sihanoukville was a small, quiet coastal town where, in addition to the locals, some backpackers came to enjoy the beach and especially rest. This has changed rapidly in recent years, with large resorts, hotels and casinos pounding. We know that Chinese are not averse to gambling and a large proportion of the people you now find in Sihanoukville are therefore Chinese tourists. The new buildings are also owned by Chinese owners.
Casino under construction collapses

circusThe former village is growing incredibly fast and the owners want their buildings ready to earn as quickly as possible. Many safety rules are being violated and warnings have been put aside. At the end of June a casino under construction collapsed, the building had to be seven floors high and was 80% ready. Unfortunately the construction was in full swing during the moment of collapse, 24 dead were found under the rubble. In addition to the many deaths, there are also 24 injured, all victims were construction workers.
Two warnings and order to stop were ignored

The authorities of the Preah Sihanouk province, which includes Sihanoukville, report that the work was done without proper permits and papers. Chen Kun the Chinese owner of the building would have received two safety warnings, and would have ignored an order to stop continuing the construction of the building.
It is still unclear what the consequences will be of this incident, and it will perhaps be stricter to ensure that warnings and orders are observed.
Gambling prohibited for Red Tiger Gaming review Cambodians

While the local population is not allowed to gamble at all, casinos can still be built in Sihanoukville and the rest of Cambodia. The locals are not allowed to gamble, but tourists are allowed to.